Founder Tribute

Harry may have shared his name, but he was undoubtedly one of a kind. Throughout his life, Harry was happy to take a risk such as racing cars in his youth, on the rings of Marquette University’s Men’s Gymnastics’ Team, moving his young family of six to the state of Alaska in 1976, or starting a new venture.

As an avid outdoorsman, Alaska was the perfect place for Harry to raise his family. He and Barbara learned to fly and according to one longtime friend, used their Cessna 206 ‘like it was a Suburban’ to get the family around the state whether it was to get a burger in Eureka or further out for a hunt in rural Alaska.

Always up for a good challenge, Harry worked with his sons, which was at times a challenge in itself. They worked together doing large commercial projects through Valley Mechanical Contracting. His real passion however was for bird hunting and promoting clay target shooting sports in Alaska. Through his hard work and dedication at Grouse Ridge, Harry was able to bring regional shoots to Alaska as well as mentor young local shooters, giving them the tools they needed to achieve a master’s class and win collegiate scholarships.

Harry belonged to numerous organizations throughout the years. When the kids were young, it was church and booster clubs and later organizations like the Roughed Grouse Society and the Fishhook Community Council. He gave freely of his time, giving guidance at work, at play and in his community. He was a great guy, who had a great life and one who will be greatly missed.